How does XtraSize work?

Each pair has an ideal frequency for intercourse is different. However, according to sexual health experts, it is good to have sex twice a week. What is the reason for this recommendation?

This recommendation was found in the research results published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In a survey of 2269 people, participants were asked to answer questions about the habit of having sex, especially about how often they do it. In addition, participants also received blood samples to be used as material for some specific tests.

For those of you who lack confidence during sex and easy ejaculation when only 5 minutes, you can start to consume xtrasize to increase confidence and increase sexual stamina. There are no side effects after taking this supplement, you can immediately stop consuming when it gets the desired result.

The main purpose of these male enhancement pills is to stimulate maximum blood flow to the penile chambers.

So how does the anatomy of the penis work?
Well, when we become sexually aroused, the body sends a signal to the brain, which releases a hasty blood hormone to enter the tissues of the penis.

So when the erectile chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) are filled with the maximum blood, a difficult erection gets, or if you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction problems or any other sexual condition.

Now, using these XtraSize pills for a period of time, the tissues should expand and allow more blood to enter the chambers, which the penis should create bigger and thicker erections.

Yes, keep reading!

Ingredients in a nutshell

The XtraSize supplement claims to have a combination of the safest herbs that work effectively to enlarge the size of the penis as it promotes.
According to them, their “secret” combines all natural ingredients and high quality in a complex.

Therefore, this formulation brings the compounds known years ago and are Saw Palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris, Pana Ginseng, L-Arginine, Licorice Root, Sarsaparilla, Maca, Pumpkin Seeds and Netting Stinging.

Meanwhile and at the bottom of the ingredient section, they mention to keep their “proprietary formula a secret for their protection against shadowy competitors.”
However, they probably mean that this XtraSize formula contains other active components, but they do not want to divulge it on the official product website so that no company will discover and copy its “secret”.

Ingredients in focus

Once we know that this male supplement claims to add “XtraSize” to 30% in the penis, erections should reach higher, stronger and greater for greater satisfaction in sexual intercourse.

The ingredients aim at sexual function to increase sexual desire and improve, which gains self-confidence.

Each bottle comes with 60 pills and simply taking one pill a day daily and one pill before sexual activity, says the company in the first month, we as customers of the customer should already gain a full inch, but can take up to 3-6 months to actually achieve 3 inches of growth size.

According to the official website of XtraSize, since no prescription is required and no chemical is to be included in this herbal supplement, when users stop taking it, the results remain permanent as they promote.